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How many base stations do I need?

Only one base station is necessary per home. It should work within 500m2, but if your home is larger, you can use two or more base stations to increase coverage.

How much can I expect to save on my heating bill?

This will vary from home to home. In our experience, within one heating season, you should save from 15-50%, depending on insulation and how you regulate the temperature within the home.

Do I need a plumber to install the system?

To set up the basic Istabai heating, climate and security solutions, you won't need a plumber. The process is simple, watch this video:

The only device you'll need help with installation is the multi-switch. Call your electrician, they'll know what to do. Grab this manual for more information.

When is the best time to set up my Istabai system?

This can be done at any time. The only exception is if your radiator requires a valve change to accommodate the Istabai radiator regulators.

Can I regulate all of my rooms at once with the same application?


Can I use the Istabai system without an internet connection?

No. The system can only function with a constant connection to the internet.

What happens if the internet connection is lost?

The Istabai system will continue to work, however you won't be able to monitor the temperature or change it. The previously defined temperature will be sustained until the internet connection is restored.

Will the motion sensors work if I have pets?

If you have fish, the sensors will work just fine. If you have larger pets such as cats or dogs, simply make sure to place the sensors at a higher level, where the pet's motion won't interfere.

Can I automate my outdoor lights?

We're working on it! Stay tuned.
P.S. You can do this by programming through the API yourself, but you'll need to be a bit of a computer wiz for this.

What is the minimum temperature that I can set for my home?

10 degrees celsius.

Base station

The main device of the Istabai system.
It requires a constant internet and electrical connection.

1. Charging cable
2. Ethernet cable
3. USB cable (for charging sensors)

1. Connect the base station to electricity and internet by using the charger cable and an Ethernet cable.
2. After a few seconds check to see if the base station's indicator is white. If the indicator is glowing in a different colour, check if your Ethernet cable is inserted correctly, and that internet is available.
3. Go to where you'll receive further instructions for setting up the system. You'll be prompted to enter the base station's identification, which is found on the bottom of the base station.

When choosing where to place the device:
- Avoid placing the devices behind furniture, inside cabinets, or close to metal surfaces.
- If the base station is placed close to other electronic devices with cables, don't surround it with audio, video, or power cables.

Temperature sensor

Before setting up the sensor, you'll have to configure the base station. Once you've finished the steps online, continue:
1. Turn on the sensor using the On switch. In the found sensors window of your online account, you'll see a new sensor show up.
2. Enter the sensor's ID number in your account. You'll find the ID number on the back of your sensors.
3. Place the sensors in their respective rooms. When choosing the location for the sensor, make sure that the temperature sensor is in a place where it's not influenced by direct sunlight, draft from windows, or near radiators. We suggest placing the sensor 1.5 - 2 meters from the ground near the center of the room.

Additional setup (when adding to an already existing Istabai system)
Open "settings" in your Istabai account ( Choose "devices" and "add a device". Then continue by fulfilling the 3 steps above.

Wireless radiator regulator

Before setting up the regulator you must set up the base station. Once you've finished the steps online, continue:
1. Insert the batteries (a green, flashing light will turn on)
2. Screw off the old regulator from the radiator (It's easier to remove if you have it turned to the maximum denomination – 5.
3. Screw on the new regulator so that it's firmly inserted.
4. Press and hold the button until the light begins to flash. Then let go of the button.
5. The regulator will begin to turn (will turn for ~ 1 min.) When the light turns off, the set-up is complete and the wireless regulator will show up in the registration window in your Istabai account.

Setting up additional regulators (to an already existing Istabai system)
In your Istabai account (, open the "settings" section, and choose "add a device". Then continue by fulfilling the 5 steps above.

Radiator regulator

Before setting up the wired regulator you must set up the base station. Once you've finished the steps online, continue:
1. Connect the electricity cord to the switch and regulator. Screw the regulator's ring onto the radiator valve, and then insert the regulator.
2. Plug it into an electricity socket. In the found sensors window of your Istabai account, you'll see a new device.
3. On the back of the switch, you'll see its ID number. Use it to indicate in which room the switch is located.

Setting up additional regulators (to an already existing Istabai system)
In your Istabai account (, open the "settings" section, and choose "add a device". Fulfill the above steps.

Istabai has both web and mobile applications.

With the web app you can reach the most of the Istabai functionality, see all details about your devices, graphics, and data history.

To keep mobile apps easy to use, the only info you'll see are the most important functions and data. All you need when you're on the go is real-time data and some options to change something immediately.