Air quality sensor
Improve you home's indoor air quality. The air quality sensor ensures accurate air temperature, humidity, and CO2 level readings.
Live green and save money
Every time you turn the heat down, you reduce CO2 emissions. Istabai can do that automatically for you – while you’re away, it turns the heat down. Then it warms your home up right before you arrive. Save money and keep your environment cleaner.
Temperature -40 .. +85 C°
Relative humidity 0..100% RH
CO2 measurements 0..2000 ppm
Noise level 60..120 dB
Air pressure 50..110 kPa
Center frequency 868.3MHz
Proprietary IST-RF Protocol
Indoor Coverage Up To 30m
Height: 18mm
Width: 56mm
Depth: 56mm
Weight: 42g
Operating temperature -20 .. +40 C°
Operating humidity: 5%..95%
2 year limited warranty
Standart MicroUSB Type A port, 5V/500mA
Requires constant connection to electricity