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Complete home automation system


Use your smartphone to manage the temperature in each room or make your weekly climate chart using the Istabai web application.


Reach the highest level of comfort by monitoring temperature, humidity, air quality and noise levels.
“The best about Istabai- you can set it up anytime after your home is built.”
- Martins Kazemaks

Enjoy comfort and save money

On days when you're not home, you can set the system to a more effective regimen, heating your home only when you're on your way there.
Leave for work Arrive home
“All in all – this is a great start: easy, quite cheap and stylish smart home heating automation. Good work!”
- Aigars Mahinovs

Set it up yourself

You don't have to be an electrician or a plumber to set the system up.
  • 1Connect the base station to the internet
  • 2Screw on the new valves
  • 3Leave the temperature sensor on a bookshelf
“We're very satisfied with the Istabai solution, which allows our clients to save on their heating bills. As real estate developers, we're very interested in our clients' well-being.”
- Maris, Hanner Real Estate

That's Istabai in a nutshell

Ready to make your home intelligent?